You're invited! The Statehouse Futures Summit is back July 31st

You're invited! The Statehouse Futures Summit is back July 31st

Statehouse Futures — our annual virtual summit of transformative policy and strategy for state leaders — is back July 31st! Join hundreds of statehouse leaders — electeds, staff, wonks, advocates, and journalists — to be energized and illuminated by sharp panels from Run for Something Action Fund (RFS), the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC), and the Democracy Policy Network (DPN) on topics ranging housing affordability to the 2024 ballot measure landscape to reviving local journalism.

Panels include:

Public Funding for Local Journalism: The DC Council introduced a groundbreaking bill allocating 0.1% of their budget to support local news outlets. Join advocates and lawmakers as they highlight local news' vital role in civic infrastructure, crucial in this pivotal election season.

Public Duty, Private Danger: Ensuring Safety for Candidates and Elected Officials: 8 in 10 local officials experience harassment, threats, & violence. Protecting candidates & elected officials is crucial. They must balance public accessibility with safety. Join our panel for insights and strategies from firsthand experiences to prioritize safety effectively. Presented by: Kristina Shelton (WI) & Tiffanie Harrison (TX)

Housing Affordability and Justice: Zoning changes alone won't solve the housing affordability crisis. We need more policy interventions, like social housing initiatives, tenant cooperatives, and strong tenant rights protections (including right to counsel). Learn about innovative models and legislation advancing alternative housing production models and tenant empowerment.

The Will of the People: the 2024 Ballot Measure Landscape: Learn how advocates nationwide are using direct democracy to push policies directly to voters. Join us to discuss key ballot measures and how you can get involved in these critical campaigns. Presented by: Quentin Savwoir (BISC) & Marsha Donat (BISC)

How to Pitch a Newsroom During a Busy Presidential Election Year: Learn to navigate election year noise and effectively engage reporters. Discover the state of newsrooms, craft your reporter shortlist, refine compelling story angles, and master effective communication strategies for media outreach. Presented by: Caroline Sánchez-Avakian (BISC)

Taking a Ride on the Pollercoaster: The Issues That Matter in 2024, and How to Talk About Them: Inflation, abortion access, voting rights, & public safety are top issues for voters. How we discuss them matters. Explore polling and message testing trends at national and state levels to clarify how to effectively talk about these and other key issues in public discourse. Presented by: Danielle Deiseroth (Data for Progress)

Hope to see you there!