Statehouse Futures 2023: A Recap

Last Wednesday, we at the Democracy Policy Network, alongside the Run for Something Action Fund and the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, co-hosted our third annual Statehouse Futures Summit. Over a thousand state lawmakers, legislative staff, candidates, journalists, and advocates representing all 50 states registered to attend, making it one of the largest state policy and strategy gatherings for deepening democracy in America this year.

If you missed the summit, we fortunately have videos of the panels:

Welcome and Keynotes

  • Pete Davis, Director of Democracy Policy Network
  • Amanda Litman, Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director, Run for Something
  • Chris Melody Fields Figueredo, Executive Director of the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC)
  • Arekia Benentt-Scott, Mississippi Votes, Executive Director
  • Senator Mallory McMorrow, Michigan State Senate
  • Esther Agbaje, State Representative, MN House of Representatives

Strategic Imperatives of Ballot Measure Campaigns

  • Marsha Donat, Capacity Building Director, Ballot Initiative Strategy Center

Art of Defiance: How to be an effective progressive leader

  • Nabilah Islam, Georgia State Senator
  • Laurie Pohutsky, Speaker Pro Tempore, Michigan House of Representatives
  • Manny Espitia, Northern Regional Director, Run for Something Action Fund

Social Housing

  • Pete Davis, Director of Democracy Policy Network
  • Paul Williams, Executive Director, Center for Public Enterprise
  • MiDian Holmes CEO, The Epitome of Black Excellence & Partnership
  • Daniel Denvir, Reclaim RI/The Dig podcast

Restorative Justice

  • Nketiah ("Ink") Berko, Policy Organizer at Democracy Policy Network
  • Alicia Virani, The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation Director, Criminal Justice Program, UCLA School of Law
  • Tarek Maassarani, restorative justice practitioner + Honeycomb Justice

Clean Energy Grids

  • Blair St. Ledger-Olson + Legislative Director + Climate Cabinet Education
  • Rep. Jamie Long, Majority Leader, Minnesota House of Representatives

Public Pharmaceuticals

  • Pete Davis, Director of Democracy Policy Network
  • Dana Brown, Director of health and economy, Democracy Collaborative
  • Allison Hardt, Community Development Director, T1International
  • Chris Noble, Organizing Director, Health Access CA

Defending Direct Democracy

  • Gina Berne, Senior Manager, Defend Direct Democracy, BISC
  • Sarah Walker, Director of Legal & Policy Advocacy, BISC

Run Local: How reverse coattails works

  • Caprice Edmond, Pinellas County School Board Member
  • Senator Megan Hunt - Nebraska Legislature
  • Amanda Gonzalez, Clerk and Recorder, Jefferson County Colorado
  • Luisa Santos, Board Member, Miami-Dade School Board
  • Shu-Yen Wei- Western Regional Director, Run for Something Action Fund

4-Day Workweek

  • Pete Davis, Director of Democracy Policy Network
  • Delegate Vaughn Stewart, Maryland General Assembly
  • Juliet Schor, Professor of Sociology Boston College + Lead Researcher 4 Day Week Global

Demystifying Data: Polling and Messaging to Shape Effective Narratives

  • Danielle Deiseroth - Executive Director, Data for Progress

If you found Statehouse Futures 2023 useful, you might find its co-hosts useful, too:

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See you next year at Statehouse Futures 2024!